For Kids Who Are
(Ages 6-12)

About the Box

Created by credentialed teachers. That means students will learn.

It's pretty simple, actually. Engage students, give them something interesting to do, then challenge them to improve it. We're teachers, and we've created what we wish we had time to do in our daily classrooms.


  the monthly topic  

We'll provide both digital and physical resources to either introduce or refresh the given topic. It's up to your child to apply what they learn. Don't worry, we provide guidance!


  the project  

Depending on your child's age and abilities, he or she will either work independently or follow the provided instructions to construct an awesome project. No matter what, they're flexing critical thinking muscle!



"Right-tighty, lefty-loosey" ... "the human heart has 4 chambers and a combination of electric and neurological signals". Your child picks up tactile skills and core ceonceptual knowledge. Best of all, our projects are actually fun!


  & THE FUN PART :)  

We create big picture thinkers, so it's important that students be able to go from what we've given, to creating their own projects. Every package is specially designed to help kids do that.

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